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Reshma Gupta-Erichsen, also called Resh, is the owner of Bikram Yoga Oslo and a certified teacher since 2009. Here she shares her views on the life changing yoga path:

“I began my yoga journey at the age of 10, under the guidance of my family and was introduced to Bikram Yoga by my husband in 2005… Given my background, I found this particular style of yoga to challenge me physically, mentally and emotionally like no other and before I knew it, I was training to become a teacher!

Since becoming a teacher, I try to express my belief in this yoga each time I step into the studio and in front of my students to lead a class. Everything about this style is designed to be challenging. I believe that we all have an incredible tool to become the best version of ourselves in ALL circumstances by using the physical, mental and emotional training ground of the yoga room to understand the many processes in our body.

Opening this studio has given me an incredible opportunity to interact closely with the community in Oslo, and we hope that through this yoga, you will learn that regardless of whether it is hot, humid, uncomfortable or if it is still, quiet and calm – inner peace and a genuine smile can be achieved regardless of circumstance or environment.”