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Linn Aubert

Bikram Yoga Teacher,  Yin Yoga Teacher

Linn is Swedish and has lived with her family in Norway since 2008.


Linn discovered Bikram Yoga Oslo in February 2011 and was totally hooked! After maintaining a constant practice and seeing the incredible changes that yoga made to her mind and body, she decided to take her journey to the next level and become a teacher. 

In february 2016 she graduated as a Hot Yoga Teacher at Evolation Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Barbara, California.

In november 2018 Linn graduated through Braxton Rose Yoga as a Yin yoga teacher and completed an additional Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Joe Barnett in 2019.


For  Linn yoga is the ultimate tool to achieve balance between body & mind, fantastic exercise for the whole body, it´s a lot of fun and the best part is that you can do it for the rest of your life, no matter your age!

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