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1.   Show up to the studio 10-15min before class starts!

Give yourself time to get yourself settled in the studio space

2.  Remove your shoes and enter the prac­tice space in a way that hon­ors the exist­ing energy. 

We work hard to keep the space safe and comfortable.

We understand if you've had a bad day, but please breathe through it and work through it on the mat. 

3. Turn your phone off & leave it outside of the hot room

Decide that what­ever hap­pens dur­ing class you will deal with once your class is over.

4. Put your belong­ings in the change rooms

If you'd feel more comfortable, you can leave things by the reception desk too!

5. Keep away from heavy per­fume. It can cause aller­gic reaction.

Practicing yoga in the heat can heighten the senses and for this reason, we ask that you avoid heavy fragrances in the interest of others who may not be vibing with your scent. 

6. ALWAYS wear enough cloth­ing to cover the essen­tials. 

Its uncomfortable for both the teacher and the students around you

7. Gently lay your mat down giv­ing the per­son next to your left and right enough room to enter and exit their mat with­out need­ing to walk on yours.

8. Be that kind soul that offers to adjust their mat to make space for that last stu­dent stand­ing around look­ing for a spot.

9. Stay with the poses being offered by the instruc­tor, mod­ify them if needed, and keep the prac­tice healthy for your body.  

Inquire with the instruc­tor before or after class if you have any ques­tions or need guidance.

10. Approach the class with compassion and a healthy respect for the human body- Go at your own pace

11. Please do not have conversations with other students during class &/or correct other students.

It is the teachers role to help everyone in the practice, we suggest that you focus on yourself on your mat.

12. Stay through final savasana.

If you must leave early set up by the door, inform the instruc­tor when pos­si­ble, and qui­etly gather up your belong­ings mak­ing the qui­etest most unas­sum­ing exit of your life.


13. Practice good hygiene and wash your clothing before coming to the studio

As your body is exposed to heat, your pores will naturally open making it important to have your skin in contact with clean clothing. 

We ask that you wash your clothing after class at home and not in the showers making time for your fellow students to also have time to shower. We recommend Dr Bronner's pure castile tea tree soap which you can find for sale at the studio! 

14. If you are sick please stay home and get better.

15. Recover and hydrate

Your body is precious and we ask that you honour it not only during the class, but afterwards. 

Coconut Water (which you will find for sale at reception) is an incredible tool for recovery after hot yoga. 

16. SMILE! 

We are a caring community and we hope that you enjoy our space and fill it with your joy and energy too. 

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