May 07, 2020

At the government's press conference on May 7, 2020, it was suggested that fitness centers may reopen on June 15, 2020.


Bikram Yoga Oslo adheres strictly to the government's guidelines and states that this date is tentative and may be changed according to new government guidelines.


Up to the opening date, we are working to put all infection control measures in place so that our community as a whole has a safe and positive experience in the hot room with us.


We will come back with more information on what these measures are, so that all members are well informed before we open June 15.

April 22, 2020

As a health and training centre that is governed clearly by its own industry regulations, Bikram Yoga Oslo will not open for private training groups of 1-5 persons within our health and fitness centre. 

Once the regulation has been lifted, we will joyfully open our studio however our obligation to the health and safety of the community requires us to operate in strict accordance with the law. 

This too shall pass and we look forward to this virus to be managed and our community to be whole again.

MAR 12, 2020

Effective today, Thursday 12.03.20 Bikram Yoga Oslo will be closed on the direction of the Norwegian ministry of health due to the escalating incidence of the COVID-19 virus. 

We await instruction from the local authorities as to how to best proceed.

All memberships will be frozen during this time of closure and autogiro members will be contacted during the course of this week.

FEB 28, 2020

Although there is no instances of the coronavirus in our studio and that the FHI is advising to conduct business as usual, we have been taking proactive steps to help keep our space clear of the virus and to help our students and staff feel psychologically safe.

As guided by the WHO and the FHI, hygiene is the key to keeping the vulnerable safe from this new coronavirus.


BYO has had a medical HEPA filter which will run inside the room during class.


This particular filter, filters over 99% of particles down to 0.1 microns like pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, bacteria and viruses, and is designed to purify a space of 1000m2 (our studio is 575m2)


The air in the room is exchanged with fresh heated air constantly making our air clean, filtered but warm


Our floors are made from an antibacterial antimicrobal substance called Flotex Flocked Flooring.

All students who sweat out of their mats now use extra towels under their mat during class and immediately after practicing and place the said towels directly in the washing machine. 

Certain classes on our schedule have been delayed by 15minutes to give us time to keep the floors clean.

The Flotex flocked floor is steam cleaned after every shift. 

The floors external to the yoga room are cleaned approximately every 60min with bleach.


Antibacterial solution will be made available around the studio. 

Hand Towels in the bathrooms have also all been removed and replaced with paper towels. 


All high contact areas are disinfected approximately every 60 minutes.

All teachers are also requested to no longer give hands on adjustments. 


Yoga Blocks and straps to be sprayed daily with antibacterial surface spray after every single class in which it is used.

Classes will be operating at reduced capacity to afford adequate space between students. 

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