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The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

- Socrates

The FHI and Directorate of Health has clearly communicated the Infection Protection Measures that must be in place prior to opening our studio and here you will find the official directives as well as the ways in which we will be implementing these protocols at our studio.

At the absolute forefront of controlling this virus and its spread is the requirement for persons displaying any symptoms of flu or respiratory issues or persons required to be at home in quarantine to do just that, be at home. For this reason, we will require all students to read and give us a thumbs up to confirm that they are healthy and rightfully out of the house. 

Below are the key measures required by the authorities and our implementation plan. 

- Infection Protection Advice and Measures must be clearly communicated with both information on the web and on posters that are easily visible. 

All of our measures will be communicated directly by newsletter, updated on social media, here on our website as well as displayed in poster form at the physical studio.  

- Digital Registration.

We will require all students to book in to class electronically and will currently not be accepting visits without prior booking so that we can ensure that the number students who are in our location is not extended beyond our maximum limit. 

Students who book into classes and do not show for class or cancel their booking within 8hrs of the class will be charged a fee of Kr180 and enforced from 01.09.20.

You will still be able to purchase memberships in the studio using all forms of payment except for cash.

- 1.5m distancing between students

With distancing of 1.5meters between students, our yoga room is able to hold 30 people and we believe that this is the correct course of action for the nature of our activity.

- Enhanced Hygiene at frequently used contact points 

All contact points will be disinfected before and after each class.

Additionally, our studio space will be disinfected using a method called "fogging" which will enable us to thoroughly disinfect every surface of our yoga room efficiently which in turn will allow us to clean the room efficiently after each class.

Students are now required to bring an additional towel to place underneath their mats prior to practicing.

- Hand Washing/Hand Disinfectant readily available

Contactless Hand sanitising statins will be available through the studio space and now as a part of the protection measures that we have chosen to implement, students must sanitise their hands

  • Upon Entry to the studio space

  • Upon Entry and exit to the yoga room

  • After visiting the rest rooms and sanitising the toilet seat after use

- The studio shall create a plan of the maximum number of people who can be at the studio at the same time given the distancing requirements. 

Given the distancing requirements within the context of our studio space, we have a maximum capacity of 22 students per class and have increased the space of time between our classes so that this maximum number of students is not breached.


Students are required to arrive within 30 minutes of the class starting and required to leave within 30 minutes of the class ending. 

Entry and exit to the yoga room will be permitted 15 minutes before and after class.

- Strict restrictions non the number of participants who may be inn the room at the same time. 

Strict Booking of space in the class and having restricted class numbers means our studio will be compliant with this requirement. 

Again, arriving and leaving within the prescribed time is compulsory.

- Wardrobes and Showers distance limitation so that at least 1m distance between wardrobes that are in use and in shared showers. 

Factoring in a distance limitation of 1m between students at any time, we have 5 ladies showers and 3 mens showers.

- Ensure Cleaning of common equipment at the end of the day so that you start with clean equipment the next day. 

 Mat and towel rentals are no longer offered by Bikram Yoga Oslo however we will have products in store for purchase. 

Existing Mat Hotel students will be able to continue their agreement and we will require that you place your mat after use on the available racks for disinfection by fogging. 

Students are required to bring a minimum of 2 towels for each visit. One must be placed underneath the yoga mat, and the other on top of the yoga mat.

The use of studio bolsters, straps, myofascial release balls and rollers as well as yoga wheels is no longer available however we will continue with the use of studio yoga blocks and require students to use a towel to break direct contact to the block.


We will be timing our classes as well as using blocks (limited to 2 per person) on rotation as well as fogging the blocks used in the class

so that a minimum of 24hrs passes between the use of studio blocks.

Here you can see and download the material that we will have displayed around the studio.

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