Henrik Larsson

Bikram Yoga Teacher
Yin Yoga Teacher

Prior to joining BYO full time, Henrik has been a traveling teacher here at BYO, but now he is back in Oslo for good, and we are so so so happy to have him on our teacher team!

Henrik started practicing yoga four years ago, and started his Bikram journey right here at BYO 3.5 years ago!


One of the newest members of our teacher team, he completed his Bikram teacher training in the fall of 2017 in Acapulco, Mexico!


He is a teacher with great discipline and inner (& outer) strength, he will keep you in your toes! Quite literally!😉⠀

“I love how the practice allows one to discover that anything is possible. Inside the room, and most importantly- outside the room. I aspire to teach powerful and empathetic classes where everyone can find a space to be comfortable with themselves, and to see themselves in the mirror and love what they see.” - Henrik⠀