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Inferno Hot Pilates 

Inferno Hot Pilates is a training system which combines Pilates principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

High intensity, Low impact. Inferno Hot Pilates is safe and healthy for the joints and muscles of the body.


Performed in our perfectly heated room, it is a full body workout designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health.


Inferno Hot Pilates creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat, even up to 48 hours after the class, increasing overall fitness level.


It helps to create a stronger core, focusing on areas of the body that are under-active throughout daily-life. Open to all levels of fitness.













I absolutely love the inferno hot Pilates. I participated in college athletics and turned to hot vinyasa after my career was finished, so I definitely like that this class is high intensity, plus the heat, and functional exercises. It is a class that I never regret going to no matter how difficult it may be! Jemima pushes you, but she also stresses that you are in control of the intensity! The heat offers an extra challenge, and the series that Jemima runs us through is challenging, but also functional exercises. I am feeling stronger since starting at BYO and consistently taking the inferno hot Pilates. I can feel my arms are more toned, and my core is becoming stronger. It is also a great addition finishing a class and knowing I pushed myself to my limit and didn’t give in to the heat! 

Inferno Pilates has, in just a few weeks, shaped my stomach, thighs and butt. I just love this kind of workout because it gives me fast results. And I feel that I can actually eat almost anything as it increases my burn... I am super happy with that as I like both good food and drink! Also I notice that I have more energy and incredible strength for my outdoor activities

The Inferno class is amazing. I started doing Inferno while I had problems with my ankles and knee as it is a low impact training on joints. Inferno helps building overall muscles and strong core while burning fat and increasing your stamina all at the same time. Inferno is the perfect complement to Bikram yoga for strength, endurance and flexibility. I highly recommend Inferno to anyone no matter what your fitness level is, it will improve quickly with Inferno.”

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