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Inferno Hot Pilates is a popular fitness class designed by Gabrielle Walters that combines the principles of Pilates with the intensity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in a heated environment.


This unique combination of exercises and conditions creates a challenging and effective workout that can help you build strength, endurance, and flexibility while improving your overall fitness and health.

Inferno Hot Pilates is typically practiced in a room heated to around 35-37 degrees Celcius, which can help to increase your heart rate and metabolism, improve your circulation, and facilitate the detoxification process. The heat also helps to warm up your muscles and joints, allowing you to move more freely and deeply into each pose.

Inferno Hot Pilates is typically structured around a series of Pilates-inspired exercises that are performed in Tabata intervals, with bursts of intense activity followed by a short recovery.


This approach is designed to keep your heart rate elevated and maximise the benefits of each exercise, while also giving you a chance to catch your breath and prepare for the next round.

One of the key benefits of Inferno Hot Pilates is its ability to build core strength and stability.


Many of the exercises in this practice are focused on engaging the core muscles of your body, including the abdominals, back muscles, and glutes.


By strengthening these muscles, you can improve your posture, balance, and overall functional fitness.

Inferno Hot Pilates is also an effective way to build cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.


The high-intensity intervals and constant movement of this practice can help you to increase your heart rate and elevate your metabolism, leading to improved fitness and weight loss.

Finally, Inferno Hot Pilates can also be a powerful tool for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.


The heat, combined with the focus on breath and movement, can help to calm your mind and reduce tension in your body, leaving you feeling more centered and grounded.

Whether you're looking to build strength, endurance, flexibility, or reduce stress, Inferno Hot Pilates can help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health and well-being. 

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