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...lets get it!

Begin your new year with a fresh start!

Challenge your body and mind with energy and balance... What better way to begin the new year than by joining Bikram Yoga Oslo's New Year New Opportunities challenge! 

It super easy to join...

- Ask our friendly teachers or staff at reception to get your January Challenge Card.


- Make sure to fill in your name, and answer a few quick questions on the card for us.

We will keep the card at the reception for easy use.

-Each time you practice, make sure to fill-in one box on the card with the date, class name and teacher's name.


The aim of the challenge is to fill in all 16 boxes!


Breakout of your usual routine & challenge yourself by taking both Yang & Yin- style classes each week.


- We want to hear about your 2020 goals and intentions, so share a photo or video with us by using the hashtags #BikramYogaOslo and #NewYearNewOpportunities & post on Facebook, Instagram or as an instagram story.

- After completing your challenge card, we will put it in the raffle for you and draw out one lucky challenger to win a brand new Fitbit Versa!


Its free to join the challenge, and you must be a member at Bikram Yoga Oslo.

We are so excited to welcome 2020 with you.


Together we will make it the best one yet! Happy New Year Challengers! 

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