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The science and practice behind habit change. 

What the mind believes, the mind creates.

Ever wondered why habits are so difficult to change?


Wondering how it became a habit in the first place?


Have you ever wanted something so bad, but never got there? Do you have the right intention, but seem to get side-stepped along the way? 

Dive deep into the science behind human behaviour and neuroscience with our very own Lucas Cassanova, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist. 


Within this workshop you will gain a clear understanding of the habit formation process and how the mind can be trained.


Using the practice of Mindful Yin Yoga to create the optimal mindset for what you wish to manifest, and a meditative Yoga Nidra practice, oriented to cement positive habit formation. 

Change habits through Yoga. Make remarkable changes you can sustain and transform your life with the power of Yoga. 

Hack your mind into manifesting your goals into action!

We will discuss and practice:    intentions. 

- How we create habits, and why is so hard to change them.
- The science behind 'changing behaviour'. 
- The four laws of habit building and how to dismount undesired behaviours.

- Learn how Yoga Nidra enables positive goal setting and manifestation.
- What Yoga says about the process of transformation.
- Experience a Mindful Yin practice to calm the nervous system and increase focus.

- Experience a Yoga Nidra practice to help dissolve negative beliefs and cement habit changes.

Towards the end of the workshop, Lucas will also be available for a Q&A, with some tea and fruit, to help you with your specific goals and

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