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Bikram yoga oslo proudly presents

Yin with Sound Therapy

With our very own, Aki O'Leary, and sound therapy musician, Jonas Malvik.

This special event class is specifically designed for those seeking a therapeutic experience with sound.


Crystal bowls have an effect that is healing to the body and mind. If you have never experienced it for yourself, this class comes highly recommended & is open to students of all levels. 


The class begins with a deep-relaxation Yin Yoga practice lead by Aki to set the tone for the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and vocals by Jonas.


Jonas - has been a musician for over 20 years and 9 years exploring the world of sound therapy.


Jonas loves to share the amazing experiences created with sound, with the world.

Jonas specialises in playing crystal singing bowls, plus a few other musical tools.


He is also known for vocals, singing mantras in Sanskrit and also implementing the wonderful poetry of the old Norse culture to create a deeply relaxing and meditative atmosphere, unlike anything else.

Aki has been teaching Yin Yoga at Bikram Yoga Oslo since moving to Oslo and has become a beloved and integral part of our teacher and management team.

In addition to her classes at Bikram Yoga Oslo, she has recently launched an online platform where she shares her wonderful teaching and coaching with her students all over the world.  

OCTOBER 25 2020


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