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Combining two very special therapies- Yin and Massage- this 2 hour class will leave you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

With the assistance of 7 Yoga Massage Therapists and the guidance of our very own Aki, we will use massage to help relax muscles holding you back in specific postures and deepen the experience of the practice. 

Guidelines for attending Yin with Massage Special Event

  • Please make sure you have no health issues that do not permit you from attending this class or have a massage.

  • Please make sure your body and hair is clean.

  •  Please wear minimal clothing to help facilitate oil massage. We advise on wearing shorts and a short top for woman, and shorts alone for men.

  • Please arrive to the studio at least 15minutes before the class begins.


This class is recommended only for students without health issues. 


If you have any injury, illness, or recent surgery (within the last 6 months), you are not applicable to attend this class. 


We also do not recommend pregnant women to attend this class. 


If you are unsure of your attendance due to any of the above, please speak to your doctor and the instructor leading the class.

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